Every morning I wake up and drink a cup of coffee. It is one of the most persistent habits I have. Our lives are made up of these simple habits and rituals. The unremarkable actions we take on a daily basis become the building blocks of our bodies and our lives. “We are what we eat” but more than that I believe we are how we eat. We all have to eat and drink to survive but on the other hand each meal is a daily opportunity to celebrate and enjoy life itself. One of the reasons cups are hands down my favorite object to make is that it feels like the most appropriate vehicle to express appreciation for the simple things in life. Whether giving a toast at a happy life event or simply catching up with a friend over coffee we gathered together with cups in hand.

While making this recent body of work I was thinking about how we collect objects, stories and memories.  I’ve been experimenting with a variety of decorations and how they interact with the form of a covered jar. Using color, line and separation between glazed from raw clay are some of the elements I use to divide the space on the surface of the pots to achieve a level of elegance and playfulness. I hope these jars find their way to someone’s kitchen counter filled with flour sugar or cookies as it becomes a part of somebody's daily ritual.

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